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Course Summary


200+ hours

Course Fee: Rs. 15000 (+14% Service Tax)
Course Features:
  • Online classroom sessions
  • Practice test (topicwise test)
  • Mock test
Contact For any further queries regarding the course, contact
Phone: +91 9000018827

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Course Details



The Current Affairs course is handled by


The following is the syllabus for Current Affairs (Prelims and Mains)

  • News Paper Analysis on Daily Basis
    1. The Hindu- National News, Foreign affairs news, Opinion, Op-Ed, Editorials, Columns, Sunday Magazine Columns
    2. The Indian Express- Columns and editorials are highly recommended
    3. The Economic Times-Comments and analysis, Opinion and editorial columns
  • Analysis of Magazines on Weekly Basis
    1. Frontline- Analysis of regular columns, recommending articles to be read, summary of selected articles etc.
    2. Yojana- analysis and suggesting articles from current issues
    3. Kurukshetra- analysis and suggesting articles from current issues
    4. Pratyogida Darpan/Civil Service Times- recommending articles and analysis
    5. Articles from "Governance Now", "The OPEN Magazine", "EPW"- suggesting relevant articles and facts

Online Classroom Sessions

  • The course comprises of online classroom sessions for a duration of 200+ Hours.
  • Click here to check the weekly timetable schedule for this course.
  • Click here to Download free Daily Current Affairs Analysis.

Recommended Newspapers, Magazines / References

The following are the suggested references that the students can consult while preparing for Current Affairs.

  1. News Papers
    • The Hindu
    • The Indian Express
    • The Economic Times
  2. Magazines/Articles
    • Frontline
    • Yojana
    • Kurukshetra
    • Pratyogida Darpan/Civil Service Times
    • Articles from "Governance Now", "The OPEN Magazine", "EPW"

Preparation Tips

The following are simple preparation tips to score well in the CURRENT AFFAIRS.

  • You need to be strong in your basics.
  • Since the syllabus is vast, do not just memorize facts. Make easy reference notes to brush through the points just before the examination.
  • Questions in this subject can be tricky, hence be careful while answering.
  • Write simple and logical answers for the questions asked.
  • Do not reproduce quotations that you are not absolutely sure of.
  • Read case studies and current affairs from the popular newspapers and magazines to be updated about the latest government policies.
  • Practice questions from previous year question papers and make note of the mistakes that you constantly make while answering questions.
  • Answer questions on Indian Adminsitration keeping in mind the basic structure of the Indian Constitution and Preamble.

Joining the course

Regular Student

  • Students can register as a regular user for any of the courses offered by Indiancivils by making the full payment for the course online.
  • As a regular user, students can
    • Participate in virtual classroom sessions and directly interact with the faculty and students during the online coaching classes.
    • Gain access to the question bank of ALL SUBJECTS of CSAT (Prelims) until the final examination.
    • Gain access to the pre-recorded videos of the registered courses until the final examination.
    • Participate in the Practice / Mock tests conducted during the course.
  • Registered students would receive intimation about the scheduled virtual classroom sessions on their registered mobile and email ids. Further, an automated reminder would be sent to the registered mobile number 10 minutes before the online session.




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