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Indiancivils is the first online instructor-led interactive coaching service wherein students can attend the lecture sessions sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Here are some reasons why you should choose Indiancivils for professional guidance while preparing for UPSC.



The Online Interactive Sessions conducted using our specially designed software is user-friendly and easy to operate. The powerful user interface gives the students, an opportunity to actively participate and interact with our faculty and other civil services aspirants through audio and video streaming in addition to chat services. Students are advised to follow the recommended System Requirements (Internet Explorer – 9.0 or Mozilla Firefox 5.0 and above, Google Chrome & Adobe Flash Player 10.3 and above) in order to reap the benefits of the interactive coaching and facilitiate uninterrupted voice transmission. Chat sessions are recordable and students can actively take notes during the session and keep it for future reference.


Indiancivils has roped in some of the reputed and well-experienced faculty team from all over India to offer online coaching to the students. Students can actively interact with the faculty during the online sessions and also communicate with them regarding their queries by email. In addition to the Core Faculty Team that prepare the study material and conduct the sessions, the Thinktank Team of Indiancivils, consisting of acclaimed academicians, educationists and experienced civil servants, offer invaluable guidance to the students to help them come out in flying colours in the final examination.


The students of our institute can actively interact with other civil services aspirants from all over the country during the online sessions which serves as a huge motivation factor to be in the pool of like-minded people working towards acheiving their goal. Moreover, since students ask common queries to the instructors during the online sessions, the other participants also get benefited by the same.


Students are trained in the comfort of their homes and are well-informed of the Course Schedule well in advance. To know the schedule for the courses on a weekly basis, students can consult the Weekly Timetable section. In addition, students are sent automated email and SMS reminders regarding the online session schedule every week.


In case students are unable to attend the scheduled online classroom session due to unavoidable circumstance, they can listen to the Recorded Videos of the classroom session later at their convenience. All the archived recorded sessions of a course are available to the students (for the eligible number of views) throughout the duration of the course until the final UPSC Civil Services examination of that particular year.


Our experienced faculty conduct Practice Tests and Mock Tests frequently and give comprehensive feedback to the students suggesting point of improvement.

The Practice Tests for CSAT (Preliminary Examination) consisting of objective questions are organised year-wise, subject-wise and topic-wise. Students can even choose the difficulty level of questions while attempting these tests. Besides, Indiancivils also offers access to sample examination papers of previous years from the year 2000 along with their solutions. Further, our intelligent evaluation software can predict your possible All-India Rank based on your performance with 99% accurancy. For all the practice and mock tests, solutions would be published on the internet once the test is over.

Practice and Mock tests are also conducted for essay type questions for General Studies and other courses (optional subjects) conducted by Indiancivils through email. The approach to essay writing would be discussed during the classroom sessions by the concerned faculty once the test is over.


The Comprehensive Online Virtual Classroom Coaching for Civil Services (Preliminary Examination) and Civil Services (Main Examination) are offered at highly competitive rates by the institute. Students not only get to interact with some of the experienced faculty from all overIndia, but also with other civil services aspirants around the country.

While students are advised to opt for comprehensive coaching for all subjects conducted by Indiancivils to reap the best benefits from the institute, they are also given the option to seek professional guidance only for particular Courses during their preparation for the Civil Services exams.


In order to get a feel of the virtual classroom method of teaching, students can join us as a trial user by paying a nominal fee of Rs. 500.

As a trial user, students can

  • Participate in 3 to 5 Virtual Classroom Sessions for any subject of their choice and directly interact with the faculty and students participating in the session.
  • Gain access to the Question Bank of ALL SUBJECTS of CSAT (Prelims) for a period of one week, post which the trial period will expire. The question bank is also accessible over SmartPhones.
  • Participate in the Practice / Mock tests conducted during this period.
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